Saturday, January 27, 2007

She's Here!

Little One is here! She decided she would make up her own mind and started on her way out the day before I was to be induced. I went into labor at 4:00 pm and has her at 5:05 am January 26. Here are some things I learned at the hospital:

-IVs aren't as bad as I thought they would be.
-Contractions HURT in a way I find impossible to describe.
-Throwing up every time you have a contraction sucks.
-Epidurals ROCK.
-It feels really weird when the epidural medicine goes up your spine.
-Catheters aren't as bad as I thought they were either.
-You lose all modesty while in labor. Seriously, I think half the people in the hospital saw my cooch or my ass and I DID-NOT-CARE.
-Pitocen brings on some insane contractions that I firmly believe would have killed me if I hadn't had an epidural.
-Pushing the baby out isn't the worst part of labor.
-Stitches on your cooch suck.

I still can't quite believe that my baby is HERE. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and still be pregnant. Daddy is doing a great job, though I think he's still a little nervous about the baby chores like changing diapers and clothes. He is going to be a natural I think. All in all this mommy business is pretty damn cool. Birthing a child is a very satisfying experience. I finally feel like I have done something useful with my life.

Also there is a little part of me that can't quite believe they let me actually go home with her. I've never done this before! Shouldn't there be some kind of qualifications or prerequisites or SOMETHING? They just let ANYBODY have babies and take them home. I guess they figure we will just figure things out on our own. It is a bit terrifying.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Well, midwife said I am ready to go. If little one doesn't decide to make an appearance tonight or tomorrow, then I get to go to the hospital on Thursday at the butt crack of dawn to be induced. Ack.

I am going to try and go the natural route (what I am thinking I don't know) but I don't know if I will be able to make it through with no pain relief. This is my first baby so I have no idea how intense the pain will be or whether or not I will be able to stand it. I think I will...just so long as my labor doesn't drag on forever and ever. Oh, the waiting!

I have cleaned the whole dang house from top to bottom. If I clean anymore I think I will start to rub holes in things. Apparently I am one of the "Nesters".

Monday, January 22, 2007

Waiting Game

Nature needs to figure out a better way.

I mean seriously. I feel like a bowling ball. I am 5 days over my due date and terrifyingly enough my midwife is talking about inducing labor. Ack. It would figure that little one is going to take after her mommy.

I think she is hitting the baby equivalent of a snooze button.

Not now, thanks. Maybe in a couple more days, mom.

Anyway...I really shouldn't complain as I have had it pretty easy so far. Not much in the way of morning sickness, back pain has stopped, the horrendous allergies that plagued me for my entire second trimester finally stopped. The only thing bothering me now is not being able to get comfortable enough to get any decent sleep, and rolling out of bed to waddle down the hall to pee 6 or 7 times a night.

But I am ready for this little one to be here. Before my due date I was terrified and scared to give birth but all of a sudden, now I just want to get the whole labor thing over with. I am ready to meet my daughter already! I keep doing odd little obsessive things, like raising and lowering the side of the crib repetitively (as if it will suddenly cease to work, or I will spontaneously forget how to work the thing) and refolding baby clothes over and over again. I've also turned into a neat freak.

At any rate I go see my doctor tomorrow, so I should find out if she wants to induce, or if I'm dilated at all yet, or what.

We shall see.