Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Plant Madness!

I got plants! Yay me. I know it's lame but there's not a single plant in this house and I felt it was high time I added some. Ivys are tough, right? Cause I'm plant retarded.

If you all promise not to have heart attacks I might post some pictures of my snakes next. They're pretty, I promise.

Anyway that's about it from me. Little One is finally packing on weight, yay for her!

I have actually begun speaking via myspace messages to Ex's chic. (She made the first move). He better watch out, we're going to start comparing notes and wind up kicking his ass. It's not really a friendship per say so much as a "Why's he doing this?!" kind of thing. I am, after all, the expert on his asshole ways. I think he's cheating on her. Kharma's a bitch, for sure.

Uhg, that's about it for me.