Friday, May 11, 2007

To Hell With Dial Up, Anyway

So I haven't been posting much. The battle dial up requires to do the simplest damn things just annoys me too much to struggle into my account most days.

Anyway, not too much going on here. Ex has started trying to turn this whole thing around on me by insisting that I have cheated on him with an old guy friend of mine that I've been friends with since eighth grade. Which I didn't. But I suppose it makes him feel better to try and turn things around on me so that he doesn't have to feel bad.


People with road rage need to, you know, not drive, because the crappy Honda Civic that tried to swerve back and forth in front of me and motioned for me to pull over so the four ghetto fabulous guys in it could get out and whip my ass or whatever, while my daughter is in the car, yea, they need to not be on the road. My meek little Chevy Malibu stomped their ass in my daring getaway, though. Let them take that back to cracktown and tell their homies. Uhg.

Anybody else have unfufilled dreams? When I was about to graduate, my friend and I were planning to take off across the country on a whirlwind tour of the national parks. I have a yearning to see nature and trees and smell fresh air so deep it almost pains me. I long to hike up a mountain and look out across a green valley and actually breath smog free air and listen to the sounds of nature without hearing cars and sirens and crap. Sadly, the trip didn't work out. What with one thing and another I ended up having to work full time to pay bills since SOMEONE *coughexcough* couldn't hold down a job, so I never got to take my road trip. I was staring at a RV the other day just daydreaming away about using the money from when I finally sell the house to buy one and just take off.

I know I can't.

But it's nice to dream, isn't it?

Anyone else have stuff they never got to do?