Friday, March 23, 2007

A Bit Of All Right

So, anyway, I'm doing better. SOMEDAY I will quit boring you all with my endless mopings about being dumped. I am still a little stressed, of course. But it's getting better.

In other news I had SO MUCH FUN on my weekend off, I spent it with my two best friends and we got drunk and talked. And talked. And talked. We analyzed music, discussed why James Hetfield from Metallica should never have gone sober, why guys like lesbians, psychoanalyzed the weirdness that is my friend's brain, discussed why I am so much better off without Ex and what a whore his new chic is, swapped very strange sex facts ( a guy will ejaculate roughly three gallons of sperm in a lifetime...blech ) and reminisced about our wild, carefree teenage days and how we've all grown up(Sort of). All in all it was exactly what the doctor ordered, and despite my mental breakdown in the last post it really helped lift my spirits.

The only bad moment was when I puked (blame it on malt liquor, I should stick to the hard stuff) and it was RED, and OMG, I thought I was HEMORRHAGING, but then realized that the Captain Morgans I'd been drinking all night was red. Ahem.

Also had a rather disturbing moment earlier this week when I opened the refrigerator to find a dirty diaper next to the milk. WHAT? The only thing I can imagine is that my 86 year old grandmother (who is blind as a bat) thought it was some sort of food thing and put it in there. I didn't ask. I can safely say that it was the first time I've ever had to relocate a refrigerated diaper.

Is it NORMAL for a almost two month old to have perfected her glare already? Because some of the looks she gives me when she's crying are positively bone-chilling. I fear she has inherited her father's temper. God help us all.

And you guys! Still reading even though my lack of posts has been horrid. Lacking the internet it's not feasible for me to be able to post everyday, but I'll try to get one or two a week up, if possible. And when I get everything caught up bill wise I'll be back to normal. So thanks for hanging in there! And I saw I was tagged for a couple of memes but alas I don't have the time to get to them just now. I promise I will do them eventually.