Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New And Improved

So, I decided the dark, dreary layout needed to go. Time for something more light and airy and cheery. Thus the butterflies.


Free to good home: One cat, male, intact.

Prone to bouts of sudden psychosis that may include: sudden unexplained rampages throughout house; running headfirst into sliding glass doors and/or walls; trying to fit entire body down bath tub drain; stealing baby's socks, hats, and mittens to drag under the depths of the bed, never to be seen again; refusing to let owner use restroom without an escort; refusing to let owner bathe without attempting to sit on top of her head; obsession with wires; chewing on cell phone antennas.

Is cute and fluffy.


In other news, Little One is smiling and cooing now. Seeing her beautiful little grin and holding "conversations" with her is really helping me cope. It's so awesome that she's starting to show her personality more and not being just a little blob of poop and hunger cries. Can't wait for that first belly laugh!