Saturday, February 10, 2007

From the Land of No Sleep


No one warned me (ok, I lie. They did.) about how very little sleep I would be getting. This whole parenting a newborn thing is pretty...exhausting? Awesome? Stressful? Mind blowing? Nerve racking? Pick an adjective.

Anyway my plans for this blog are going slightly off course, as I can barely find the time, energy or inclination to drag myself out of my cozy bed-nest of bottles, baby, and blankies.

I shall try harder.

Even though no one's reading this thing.


I think my apartment has a ghost cat. Yes, a cat. I can't even escape cats in the supernatural realm, apparently. But I see the damn thing running down the hall and when I look down the hall, all the doors are closed, but there is no cat. I don't even really want the cat I have, let alone an ethereal one. Bleh. At least it won't shed all over everything and pee on my clothes.

Duty calls.