Monday, February 19, 2007

Helloooooooooo, I'm a caaaaaaaaaar.

Anyway, have I mentioned that I LOVE Dane Cook? I know, a lot of people talk crap about him.

"He doesn't even tell JOKES. He just YELLS and makes faces."

Poop on them. Dane is a funny freakin' guy. And he's not bad on the eyes, either.

He makes me crack up, and I'm not even much of a stand up comic gal. I was into George Carlin for a while but it seems like the older he gets, the more cynical he gets. And that makes him progressively less funny. I do still like his older stuff though.


I also love Kevin Smith. Yes, Silent Bob. I know his movies abound with fart jokes and stoner humor, but there's also some awesome dialogue and some heartfelt stuff in there as well. Plus the man's really smart and hilarious to listen to. I also like the fact that he is really in touch with his fans and doesn't hesitate to rip anyone who tries to trash talk him a new one.

I was way too upset when the Croc Hunter died. I watched the memorial on Animal Planet and cried like a wuss. My excuse for this is that I was PREGNANT, ok, and I had HORMONES and MOOD SWINGS and...whatever. It was sad.

I am a Disney movie fanatic. This bodes well for my child, as I will actually be able to sit and watch cartoony movies with her and NOT be bored.

Actually, I just love kid movies in general. Except for the cheap straight to DVD sequels. Those suck.

I dunno what's up with this post, really. I just felt like sharing random bits of me with everyone.

GIANT kudos to anyone who can tell me where my post title came from.