Friday, February 16, 2007


It's been a tough couple of days.

The other half has been driving my bananas. He doesn't quite get why it upsets me that he can act like everything is the same (going out of the house whenever he wants, or even peeing or sleeping) meanwhile everything is totally different for me. Things like eating and sleeping are no longer something I can do whenever the urge takes me. I mean, there's no reason for us both to be housebound and suffering from cabin fever, but he just seems like he is trying to act like everything is the same as it was pre-baby, when it isn't. Ugh.

Little one has also settled into a routine of nightly fussiness where everything pisses her off. She even pisses herself off and then hollers about it. I don't think it's colic, as it doesn't seem to be bad enough to qualify, but it's still a little bit frustrating. I find myself wishing time would move a little faster, as it seems like this whole thing will get a bit easier. I know, wishful thinking. I know I have teething and the terrible twos and so on to get through, but I think just getting a few solid hours of sleep would make a lot of things easier at this point.

Does it qualify as postpartum if I cry very easily, or is that normal? Not that postpartum is un-normal, but you know what I mean.


Mommy needs a drink.