Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Am Housewife, Hear Me Roar


So I realized that yea, I guess I WAS acting a bit like a doormat. I mean, why should he stop pulling that kinda crap if I wasn't going to really put my foot down?

So, when he woke up this morning (he ended up coming home at like, 3 AM) I had a long talk with him. I told him that what he has been doing is bullshit. I told him that going out every night and leaving me home with the baby made me feel like we weren't as important as his friends and boozing it up. I told him I was tired of him walking all over me and acting like what I said or felt about the situation didn't matter.

He did his typical, I'm gonna joke around to try and change the subject thing that he does, but I was having none of it. Not this time.

He said that he was just feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole Daddy thing. To which I said, "How do you think I feel, being here 24/7 with no help? How's THAT for being overwhelmed?"

Then he tried the, "Well I was just trying to get it out of my system before I go back to work, and I never have time to go hang out anymore." To which I replied, "Welcome to being an adult. It sucks."

So by the time I'm done, and he's given the requisite, "I'm gonna stop, I promise. I'll stay home more." I'm tired. So I ask him if he will watch little one for a couple of hours so that I can nap a bit, steeling myself for some excuse. Nothing. He agrees meekly. "She's probably hungry, so you might want to make her a bottle," I say, waiting for the, "Can't you feed her before you go lay down?" Again, nothing. Holy crap. "Can you make me a sandwich?" Sandwich made and delivered to me, in bed. He even brought me a coke. At this point I decide not to push my luck any further. I just ate and went to sleep.

I know this is probably all ass kissing so I won't be mad at him anymore, but it's still nice. We'll have to wait and see if he actually sticks to what he said. I think I actually made my point this time, so I'm hopeful.