Saturday, February 24, 2007


What I meant was fucking asshole, but I wasn't sure if I could put that as a post title.

So yea, he comes home and guess the fuck what? HE ASKS ME IF HE CAN GO STAY THE NIGHT AT HIS FRIEND'S HOUSE.

What the hell is he, ten? And he has said friend with him. I gave him my best, I Am Going To Kill You NOW look, and I'm like, "What the FUCK?"

Then he starts babbling about how he is playing games over there and he wants to drink and blah blah blah *insert glares from me* and how he'll be back tomorrow.

So his friend leaves the room. And I start crying, you know, because I am just too upset to be bitchy at this point. I told him to do whatever the fuck he wants because he is obviously going to do it anyway. Any man with half a brain in his skull knows this is NOT permission, but a warning that if he leaves he may well never have sex again.

And then he leaves.

With me still crying, because I'm so damn upset that his sorry ass seems to think playing games and drinking with his friends is more important than his wife and daughter.

What the fuck?