Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Peanut Butter and Jelly

...is my new nutrition staple. I guess because it's quick and easy. I have also mastered the art of finishing a meal in 5.2 seconds flat, cuz we all know how babies have that nifty little radar that tells them when their parents are trying to eat and cues them to scream like all the demons of hell are after them.

The livable amount of sleep I have been getting is about to go out the window, as Daddy is about to go on a job and will be gone for like 2 MONTHS. I am in a bit of panic about this as I don't know how I am going to deal with caring for the munchkin all by myself.

All this business with the ghost kitty has reminded me of my first ghost encounter. I was on vacation in Oklahoma with my best friend one summer. We were staying at her grandmother's vacation house (which was empty the rest of the year). We were up playing cards one night at like, 2:00 in the morning and I started talking about how sleeping in strange places freaks me out. Pretty soon I had us both creeped out ("You don't know if somebody could have died here. Somebody could have died RIGHT IN THIS ROOM.") and then she decides she has to pee. Of course at this point the journey down the dark hallway is not looking too fun so she begs me to come with.

Cue creepy music.

We stand up (we were sleeping on cots) to make the trek and the split second our feet hit the floor, we hear something come POUNDING down the hallway, running full speed towards our door. We leaped screaming back onto our cots and proceeded to hyperventilate. The running stopped as soon as we were back on our cots. (OK, by this time we were huddled on the same cot.) Keep in mind, now, that the only other people in the house are her elderly grandmother and her sister. Her grandmother certainly wasn't running anyplace and we could hear her sister snoring in the living room. No cats, no dogs, nothing.

We are freaked. But she still has to pee. And Heroic Friend Girl still has to go with her, despite wanting to hide under the blankets and leave said friend to become ghost chow in the hallway. So after much debate and deep breathing, we try again.

Our feet hit the floor.


Again! We both take flying leaps back onto my cot ( which promptly collapses, as cheap camping cots are no match for 2 terrified, airborne teenagers) and resumed screaming our heads off until her grandmother bursts in the door ( which triggers louder screams, as we were sure it was the thump ghost from the hall) and asks us what the HELL we were shrieking about at that hour of the night. Of course she didn't believe us, and tried to comfort us with a bunch of Christian talk (nothing against godly folk here, but that wasn't Jesus running down the hall at us). Our ghostly friend chose not to make another appearance. My friend finally did get to pee, though.

So anyone else got any ghost encounters? Do share.