Sunday, February 18, 2007

I Love Lists

I saw this blog idea here.

I thought it was a nifty noodle idea, so I'm snagging it as well. You are supposed to list one thing about 50 people you know. Here goes.

1. I thought you were crazy when I first met you. All you did was talk about guns.
2. The night we found out we both lived in Hawaii around the same time when we were kids and adopted each other (drunkenly) as long lost brother and sister was great.
3. You put me through more pain than any other person ever has, and I still don't really hate you.
4. I miss you a lot sometimes...we always had so much fun.
5. I wish we had been closer when you were alive. I feel like I missed out on a lot.
6. I LOVE your laugh. It never fails to crack me up.
7. God, how I wish I had never dated you.
8.I think you are quite possibly the most unfair person I ever met.
9 You need to take care of your kids, and stop dating young girls, you perv.
10. I miss our horror movie discussions.
11. Keep your bald head out of pregnant lady's vaginas.
12. Watch yourself around my husband or I will END you.
13. I hope our kids get to hang out sometime.
14. You are the most mellow person I've ever met. I want to see you angry.
15. Thanks for bringing me out of my shell. Petco sucks.
16. I am glad we're in touch again. We need to stay that way.
17. Where are you these days? I hope you cleaned yourself up.
18. Thank god you have 5 kids, as you are now my mentor.
19. You gave the best massages ever, as well as being one of the funniest people I've met.
20. I always wished we would become better friends. We never did...curse my shyness.
21. You have the biggest forehead...ever.
22. I'm sad for you. Break up with him already.
23. Why did you beat the crap out of your sister? I'm curious.
24. Get your own damn car!
25. You need to grow up, be a man, and take responsibility.
26. I'm so glad I didn't sleep with you, scumbag.
27. Yes, I did have a teensy crush on you. I think it was the tattoos.
28. You were my first kiss, and you scared the crap out of me leaping at my face like that.
29. You remind me of my husband, but in a totally platonic way.
30. How come you never hang out with us anymore?
31. I still want my money, dammit.
32. I like you, but you talk too much crap about others behind their backs.
33. Lighten up already, you look like a grumpy version of the Joker.
34. I love you to death and consider you my sister.
35. If I ever see you again I may very well beat the crap out of you. So watch out.
36. You are awesome. And have answers to all my fish questions.
37. I wish you had stayed, I never would have quit.
38. What a stupid thing to get fired for. I missed you when I went back to work and you weren't there anymore.
39. How did you stay so skinny after two kids??
40. I'm glad we grew out of that.
41. I miss the stupid crap we used to pull. Sure it was dumb, but SO much fun.
42. I liked you even though you are one of his exes.
43. I would like you a lot more if you could stand up for yourself.
44. You are goofy, but an ok guy.
45. I don't really know you that well, but we have a lot in common. We should talk more.
46. Are you SURE you are 100% straight?
47. Your voice irritates me.
48. I only met you once, but I think you are an awesome person.
49. I was so glad to finally meet you!
50. You were my best friend for like 10 years. I can't believe we lost touch.