Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Get Off My Kool Aid

Well, I installed that nifty little trackback thing on my blog here.

They failed to warn me that it would DELETE all my previous comments.


On another note (one just as pissy, sorry to say) I am about to kick some ass. More specifically, the ass of a certain female that seems to think it is OK to flirt and hit on other women's HUSBANDS.


I don't think she knows how close I am to pummelling her into a little pile of mush. SHE doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with the way she acts. And the husband seems to think it's OK to go traipsing about with our group of friends and include her in everything. She calls him MULTIPLE times a day to ask him to go here or there like he's got some kind of responsibility to escort her every damn place she wants to go.

Does this chick have no FRIENDS?

No, she doesn't. And I can only imagine why. I have talked to the husband (I really need to think up a nifty code name for him like everyone else has) about this and while he seems to get what I mean he also laughs it off and thinks I'm overreacting. He starts saying how she doesn't have anyone else to hang out with (geewonderWHY) and how nothing is going to happen as he's not going to cheat on me and she is afraid of me anyway (which fills me with a malicious kind of glee) so nothing is going to happen.


He HAS cheated on me once before, when we were going through a rocky stage. And I've always been a believer of the phrase, "Once a cheater always a cheater." I keep my jealousy monster pretty well leashed with most things...but there's always that little voice in the back of my head yammering "What if, what if." And now that Little One is in the picture (the first time was pre-baby) it adds a whole new dimension. Now, if anything were to happen, it would be the father of my CHILD cheating on me.

Argh. I really, really want to trust him as the last thing I need is more stress right now but...I dunno. I plan on having a talk with said chick about how certain things are inappropriate when some one's husband is in the picture, and she better take note.

Because Mommy don't take no shit.