Monday, February 26, 2007

Ode To Poop

We had another pee explosion this morning (Pampers can rot in hell) with an added bonus of poop.

So I'm changing the kiddo, and her clothes, digging out a new blanket, etc. all while half asleep.

I get her all wrapped up, and I'm picking her up to feed her. As my hand slides under the back of her head, I feel something...squishy.

What the hell?

I am so out of it, that I stare blearily at the whatever it is stuck to my finger, and give it a sniff.

It is poop.

Oh yes. My darling daughter has a FREAKIN POOP NUGGET STUCK TO THE BACK OF HER HEAD.

How did this happen? She has ninja poops, I swear to friggin god. Husband got one stuck to his big toe the other night. They pop out of the diapers and go nuggeting around the house, just waiting for an opportunity.

Did I mention I'm not even a morning person?